Headshots 2015 #dreyoung

Big Thanks again “Taylor James” for these amazing images you took. Thankful for this talented friend, your amazing with a camera. These new head shots are just another step towards working to change & grow this year. Cant keep saying I’m gonna fight & go for it, then pull back due to confidence or unsureness. I don’t see this as just a journey for my self, a journey to teach & help others like myself find their light n confidence as others have helped me do. Those who have a strength in what ever they do in life, though they might not see or feel confidence in what they do. Like my self I’ve lived that life, if you met me though that part of me you would not see. “We are our own worst enemy” a reminder I’m trying to remind my self of daily. To grow you must be able to speak your strengths & weakness. #DreYoung




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