Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming


inspiration, Story, Dreamer & Legendary. #Tupac #1971 – #1996 he believed he could change the game & so he did. You never know what will inspire your light. Reinventing, its time I wake up, time I believe I can n I will succeed, so many amazing close people to my life, these past few weeks have all said amazing things I needed to hear. Also all touched based on a same subject. “I will believe & have confidence in all I do for now on.” Might take time but gotta start Change before you can find/see results n success. ❤️ “Part of me is sleeping beauty, wasting my peak years from fear of not being as good as other sleeping waiting to awaken, the other side of me, Prince Charming. The power, Fighter & confidence deep inside, knowing he has a gift to stand with the rest. A gift not given to all, meant to share to bring a joyful energy to all.” Its time Charming wakes sleeping beauty up. #DreYoung

Dre Young

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