“Through the eyes of another”

“Beating Heart” – #EllieGouilding

“Dre Young” – YouTube Channel

As we journey through life & mature in wisdom & knowledge. We learn doubt, discouragement & our will & strength in fighting for what we dream our life’s to be. At times, “myself included,” our dreams can feel unreachable. In those times the ones blessed into your life & sent to cross your path. Look to them to find courage & strength. For growing in wisdom, “as I feel it to be,” is from learning new ways of thinking. Putting aside how you might see life for a moment, looking at life through the eyes of another. Not letting another control your life, but being open to seeing a moment differently. Sometime as humans we can think our opinion is correct due to what we are told from books or what’s written on paper. Causing judgement towards those who some see, as I see myself as a “Dream, indigo child, different.” Seeing life in my own way, standing with few, looking at the ones who see existence only as they were led to see it. Growing up I was a very insecure individual, feeling different, not from my sexuality, but more from others hearing my thought’s or opinions towards life as childish or nonsense. I always held such confidence even my own family never knew of my insecurities. I don’t believe all that I’m told, every word in a history book, the control that money or wealth has over most of human kind, body type & appearance being put above talent, movement, vocals, passion. Tuesday thoughts. ❤

“Most only live to Exist, very few exist to LIVE.”
Dre Young

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