To live life, Unordinary. ❤️

Life as a unordinary human, most dream to gain recognition in their life’s or careers. For me I dream a new dream each night of what can I bring into tomorrow that could help guide/lighten another’s path, even if it’s just ever so slightly. ❤️ think of what you can do to change another’s life. At times we must come first in our life’s of course … then there are times when it wouldn’t hurt to give a day only focused on changing others life’s, just to feel that feeling in your heart knowing you can/could change someone’s whole future & way they look at them self’s simply by just sharing a second of kindness & love. ❤️ morning all!!! Happy #Thursday #DreYoungDancer #DreYoung #Dance #quote #likeall #followshoutoutlikecomment #followhim #tbt #photography #goodmorning #shamelessselefie


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