Loving the life you live.

Eight years in LA it has been now. Spending most of it for train very high confidence but inside not feeling as confident in my talents. Since the start of 2016,a promise and dedication I made to my self that this year not believing in myself would be changed. It has been shocking and surprising to me how that goal I have been succeeding in. Understanding that life will not always run smooth, Bumps in the road will occur but for every bump in the road a positive blessing will come. In the form of a life lesson, a new job booking etc. I’ve been blessed to do more in this year alone then I’ve done my whole career and for that I’m very thankful. I’ve learned to be thankful for all the bad and all the good stuff to come in my life. Thankful for the amazing agents I have for never giving up on me, amazing family that supports me 24/7 and I thank myself, for allowing myself to believe in what I know it is I was put here to do. Thank you to all the students who have supported my classes and been there for me since I began teaching in LA this year. Every day we all need to start thanking ourselves, simply for fighting for the day, being happy to be alive nothing is ever so bad.

Wanted to share a moment of thanks I’ve been feeling. Have a beautiful & safe weekend to you all.


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