Doug Caldwell, R.I.P – ILY

Post, I posted this morning on my Facebook. “Profile & Page.”
Waking up this morning to move my car, as I went to lay back down was checking my Facebook finding out Doug Caldwell a man who before anyone ever knew who I was. Had passed away. When Doug first came into my life I was still fresh coming into dance, how much love & belief he had towards my movement. Still a young teenager, who while still deciding if I was going to move to LA & would I even have what it took. This man was the first who pulled me from the back of the room & pushed me to share his choreography that was always filled with passion & love, on my own in front of everyone years ago back home in Seattle. From day one he would always saying how he knew I would go far & he couldn’t wait to see all I do, From day one. I will always hold close to my heart him & the loving caring soul he had towards all. Breaking me from the negative thoughts of will I to leading me towards saying always, I can & I will. A man who always told me to be me & never let my career change the person I know, me to be in my heart. Another angel has walked through the golden gates. Another angel who, if here on earth or in heaven above I strive to continue to keep & also share nothing but positive love & light with & towards all I do, will do & those I come to meet on my path. Two angels I will always know are there to light the way if times ever seem to go dim. ❤️ love you both. Andre Fuentes & Doug ❤️😔😢


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