This week 09/19/16

I’ll be subbing Lyrical/Jazz class’s at EDGE 3 times this week. Thursday | Friday –  #edgepac

Thursday 09/22/16

  • Lyrical/Jazz – 1pm

Friday 09/23/16

  • Jazz with lyrical improv first part of class.

Come dance with me, share your heart & know/feel your be in a safe & comfortable place where no judgement will ever be allowed. My class is all about letting go, sharing love & kindness with everyone in the room. With a leg lift or two added in. ❤️🙏🏽🎥👍🏽💃🏽💯🎶 #dreyoung #dreyoungdancer #art #dance #edgepac #choreography #teaching #danceclass #dreyoung_ @dreyoung_dancer @dreyoung_




Side note here’s the video I did last week at The EDGE Performing Arts Center. ❤️

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