Mark your calendars & I hope your all able to make a class or two… in February, every SUNDAY I’ll be teaching at @evolutionnoho 6-7pm | dates – 2/05 | 2/12 | 2/19 | 2/26 – @1heartatatime – Dre Young has so graciously awarded Dynamite a scholarship to attend workshops, personal dance instructions and teach choreography skills and all for zero cost to her..why because Dre believes in our youth! For every adult that attends his workshops just know that your money will also enrich the lives of our youth without the pressures of high costs. In collaboration with 1 heart at a time youth program thank you Dre for your generosity. Evolution dance studis February 5 12 19 26 Sundays at 6pm. $10.00 pr session hip-hop contemporary and lyrical styles. Hope to see you. @1milliondance @onepiece @2xsgroup @1millionstudio @adrenalinedanceinc @danceon @mdcdance @worldofdance @radixdance @dancemom_jill22 @dancemoms @dancemomholly @allisonholker @6allyssa @so_nataliev @nat_bat_ @nikakljun @11theeleven @tajariley @dejariley #dance #DREYOUNGclass #dancers #hiphop #lyrical #blessed

A photo posted by Dre Young (@_dreyoung) on Jan 27, 2017 at 11:29am PST



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